Strategic Partnership

We develop projects for the shools from differents countries in frames of Erasmus+ program.

Strategical partnership for schools (Erasmus+):

2020-2022 Discover-Understand-Enjoy-Share (Hungary, Estonia)

2015-2018 “How to tive in work in Europe” (Italy, Finland, Spain, Basque Country, Sicily, Holland, Poland, Estonia, England)

Strategical partnership for schools (NordPlus)

2020-2022 “Methods of working with children to overcome parental divorce” (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden)

2014-2015 Economical project for Youth (NordPlus) – Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia

  1. International project “Support for the integration of general education schools young people in the labor market of Baltic states in the priority economic sector”

European economics project for youth according to the program NordPlus.
Period: May 2014 – November 2015

Partners: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania