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On-line Conference “SELFIE – Supporting schools for learning in the digital age” (2021)

On-line treening “Kuidas edasi?” (2021)

Virtual Conference “Knowledge, Science, Democracy: What is the role of evidence in policy and society?”

On-line conference Data Privacy post COVID-19:
What has changed and where do we go now? (European Commission, 2021)

On-line Nord-region forum Matching skills for future labour market  (Nordregio)

On-line Conference: “State of the Union Citizens Rights: Moving together beyond the Pandemic” (ECCIS, 2021),

On-line Condference Knowledge, Science, Democracy: What is the role of evidence in policy and society? (European Parliament, 2021)

Conference and seminars “Innovations and schools” (Italy, 2019)

On–line training “Yoful leader” (Serbia, 2019)

Conference “Education in future” (Sweden)

Project management for cross-cultural exchange project in Europe



All participants have to work out questions on intercultural project management to discuss them within the training group. Participants will receive basic information on project management and intercultural communication before the course.


The training course Project management for cross-cultural exchange projects in Europe aims to expand the participants’ understanding of executing, developing, planning and managing European projects. It will include

  • an overview of the relevant European funded programs
  • sources of information and helpful indicators to analyze the information about project planning, development and management
  • partner search strategies
  • partner roles in project management
  • project financial management
  • monitoring of project
  • evaluation, dissemination and valorization strategies
  • common problems and how to avoid them
  • intercultural communication strategies


The course lasts 48 hours and will consist of theoretical and practical activities. The methodology will be based on integration of theory and practice as well as sharing expertise and analyzing case studies. The following methods will be applied:

  • plenary
  • discussions in pairs and small groups
  • role plays
  • interactive poster sessions
  • workshops


After the course the participants will exchange their project management experience on the course platform. It is possible to use new knowledge received to prepare European cross-cultural and educational projects.

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2. Study of e-twinning projects

E-twinning education: generation of idea for project, preparation of a project plan, creation of the project web-page, search of partners for the project, partnership, work on the project.