1. How to strengthen citizens math skills


Mathematics is a discipline, which is a background for specialists who works in environmental protection, engineering, construction, business, telecommunication, textile, new energy sources, ect. It is obvious that mathematic knowledge and competences have a great input in everyday life and in the workplace. Mathematics becomes essential also in the lifelong learning process. Analysing socio-economic situation, it is obvious, that mathematic competences are not developed enough in the Baltic region. Therefore Nordplus Adult education project „Cooperation to strengthen the citizens’ math skills in the context of sustainable development and welfare“ activates the role of mathematics in the region’s sustainable development by identifying the citizens’ math educational needs and developing recommendations to adult education providers about basic mathematical skills promotion. It also promotes different types of organizations’ contribution in the mathematics further education development within lifelong learning context.

The main outcome of the project – a collaboration network among the three Baltic organizations to exchange experiences and to create new innovative Lifelong Learning products. Within the framework of this cooperation a feasibility study will be done identifying mathematics continuing education supply in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and mathematical education needs of Baltic states population.

The expected results of this project:

  1. Recommendations for the adult education providers about basic mathematical skills promotion;

  2. Recommendations for adult math further education methodological provision;

  3. Description of the different organizations involvement possibilities in basic mathematical skills promotion ;

  4. Built common Baltic States methodological platform.

The project is being implemented by 3 partners from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

Coordinator: NGO Education Innovations Transfer Centre (Latvia)


NGO Innova (Estonia)

Vilnius Gabriele Petkevicaite – Bite Adult Education Center (Lithuania)

Project period: 1-Jul-2013 – 30-Sep-2014

Guide for adult educators

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