About us

MTÜ Innova Estonia activity is in fields of education, training and youth.

  • If you are a student, interested to develop your knowledge and skills and think about future, that you can participate in Europeab projects in field of education and youth – interesting cognitive programs and visiting of different countries are waiting for you.
  • If you are Engineer or technical specialist, that our organization is for you.
  • If you worked before, are working or going to work as Engineer or technical specialist, that our organization is for you.
  • If you are interested in technology, natural sciences and mathematics, that our organization is for you.
  • If you like intellectual work,  innovations and new ideas, that we can together prepare development projects in different fields of activity.

MTÜ Innova Estonia is founded to promote the interests of youth, graduated Engineers, technical specialists, qualified and logically thinking persons.

Engineers and technical specialists are always looking to the future, using modern and innovative methods to reach their purposes.

Solution of our society problems depends on our thinking and activity. Not only in technical areas – innovations are needed everywhere – in education, economics, our work and life.

Decision of our society problems depends on our thinking and activity. Not only in technical fields – innovations are needed everywhere in our work and life.

As a rule Engineers solve problems and create economic growth, development, new jobs, improve living standards and create greater democracy.

The strength of our organization depends on us – meetings and helping each other,  contacts, knowledge, our ideas and projects as new job opportunities.

We can be of great help to one another.
We should look after each other in good times as well as bad ones.
Our intellectual potential is force.

There are many aims to realise and together we can do everything.

Engineers and thinking youth make the world better!

Some information about MTÜ Innova Estonia project activity:

During reading of European documents and programs MTÜ Innova Estonia has studied theory and practice of European project writing in different fields. Proper project works were directed to European Commission for review and evaluation. It was clear, that it is possible to prepare projects, which are useful and decide problems existed. European project task to give additional values to society, not only to country, in which you live, but to Europe in generally. That is why MTÜ Innova Estonia became to search new fields for project activity. In such way we came to education and youth. Education system requires continuous development and improvement – this is so large field of project activity. Especially youth lives now in difficult conditions – the most per cent of unemployment and other social problems. It means that project activity also can help to solve these problems. Before to write a project, it is important to conduct proper investigation. After analysing local politics, European documents and programs, information and statistics, MTÜ Innova Estonia has become project work in field of education and youth.

Beginning from 2011 MTÜ Innova Estonia is a member of international association, inc non-profit organizations. Location in Brussels.

MTÜ Innova Estonia has international partners, with whom it develops new ideas in field of education and youth.

Our partners are located in the following countries:

• Latvia
• Lithuania
• France
• Germany
• Poland
• Georgia
• Hungary
• Spain
• Italy
• England
• Portugal
• Czech Republic
• Sweden
• Holland
• Greece
• Bulgaria
• Turkey

Please send us your motivation letters to participate in European projects, point you’re your ideas and proposals, which subjects and themes you interested in, what you are waiting for from projects and project activity.

We hope to cooperation in project activity, concerning education and youth!